Our world is fighting with COVID-19, which is one of the biggest pandemic. Till the day, the lockdown is one and only effective solution implemented to control spreading of this disease. 

The Corona Virus affected health system and economy of many developed and developing nation. It also disrupted supply chains, markets, industries of the economy of system.

It is important to take timely measures to stop the spread of corona virus. Therefore role of government become very significant to generate real time information from ground and create awareness among public.

There are several ways of monitoring COVID patients and its spreads. Even information technology can be used by implementing smart intelligence platforms and provide all information digitally for better management. 

This also helps to health consultant and supporting staff as well as local authorities including police to manage the COVID affected areas.

Geographical Information System (GIS) is one of the technologies, which provides analytical approach to understand the ground zero situation and decision making approach for implementation of corrective measures in a timely manner to overcome the problem.

GIS integrated with remote sensing will be a vital technology, as it deals with location based databases and represented in the form of spatial data. There is huge variation in spread of COVID-19 disease, as it is varying from location to location, which shows its spatial nature. 

This spatial behavior can be used in GIS technology for taking effective decision for management of COVID-19 spread. This spatial database attached with non-spatial database/attribute such as number of person, active patients etc. to assess covid spread and connections between people of that location, their health status and change in surrounding environment using GIS. 

This can be used by local authorities for monitoring and exploring the impact of CORONA outbreak.

GIS based analysis of COVID data can help to local government to find out and interpret the source and spread pattern. It can also be used to monitor resources and facilities available with the government and can plan accordingly based on the assessed impact of COVID.

Mapping of Corona Patients can be done using GIS and it can be also used to ascertain infection spread source and its intensity. GIScan be integrated for all three important aspects of disaster management viz. Preparedness, and Response. Based on this disaster management concept below steps can be followed for COVID-19:

Preparedness for COVID-19 Using GIS

  • Mapping of demographic data and creation of database related to gender, age and occupation, such as number of elderly person in ward/house
  • Identifications of high risk areas and susceptible areas based on population density and creation of buffer zones
  • Proximity analysis of medical facilities level, medical resources and connectivity

Response for COVID-19 Using GIS

  • Locating and tracing of infected person such as travel background, contact data etc.
  • Mapping of these data and assess the threat and prepare proper responses to mitigate.
  • GIS based analysis to ascertain the disease spread location wise with the time.
  • GIS can be used to predict and analyze disease spread using pattern and factors causing for spread.
  • Sharing information/database using online platforms to real time action to current situation and effectively response to that area as per requirements

GIS is versatile technology, in this many statistical model, mathematical model and logical methods incorporate to analyze same situation with several processes.

Many tools and application are already available in GIS itself such as buffering, statistical analysis, prediction model, spatial analysis, networking etc, those can be used to analyze and provide information to decision makers to prepare and response to COVID-19.
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