How to Download Free Satellite Images From Bhuvan Portal of NRSC

Download free satellite images of Indian Satellite using NRSC-Bhuvan website

Bhuvan portal is a platform created by National Remote Sensing Center of Govt of India to provide free satellite images of different satellite such as LISS-III, LISS-IV, Cartosat DEM etc. This portal also provide free classified and thematic maps. 
These satellite image can easily download by select and preview process. 

From this page go to top menu option – Open Data Archive

  • A new window will open after clicking on Open data Archive.
  • You need to make user id on this page so click to Login (on the extreme top right corner)
  • A new small window will open for login credentials, scroll down it and click on New User

  • Create login id by providing details such as user name, email id, first name, last name etc.

  • Go to click here to login and also an email sent to your email id, activate that email id and login in bhuvan portal through your login credentials.
  • After Login start searching satellite data of your study area by using below steps

  1. Select the area of which you need to download satellite images by providing Place name, Lat/long.
  2. Select category – Satellite/Sensor to download satellite images
  3. Select Sub Category– Name of satellite/Sensor is provided, so select as per need, as in this Resourcesat/LISS-III selected

4. After providing satellite/sensor details scroll down and go to Select Area– In that different options are provided to select area such as bounding box, mapsheet, tiles and interactive drawing.
  • Bounding box- in this you can provide extent of your study area.
  • Mapsheet- 50K toposheets no. of your study area.
  • Tiles- select by clicking on tiles in the right screen.
  • Interactive drawing- one can draw random polygon based on study area in the right screen to select tiles.

  • In this explanation tiles option is used and tiles are selected in right screen by clicking on the tile. For multiple selection of tiles use shift button.
Now scroll down and 

Selected tiles are visible in red color

5. Click on Next Button (In above Image)

Downloadable Images will display in left part of screen, one can download image based on year/date of pass by clicking on download option.

Watch Video of this article by clicking on below link—

**all the images source is from BHUVAN website of National Remote Sensing Center.
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